Call's Farm Home Owners Association Dues

The Call's Farm Home Owners Association (HOA) required dues are currently $400.00 per year. They are due February 15th of every year regardless of whether or not you receive a bill. However, if you do not receive a bill for the Call's Farm HOA dues, please notify the treasurer under the HOA Board Members tab so that your address may be verified or added.

    Make Checks Payable to: Call's Farm HOA

    Send dues payment to:

    Call's Farm HOA c/o Balanced Books by CPA’s

    3867 W. Market St.

    Suite 278

    Akron, OH 44333

Please do not send dues to any of the HOA Board Members. If received by a board member, it will be returned to you.

Late Payments

If you are unable to pay the full amount due by February 15th, a semi-annual plan is available for an additional fee of $5.00 for a total of $405.00 for the year. 

Additional payment plans may be available for financial hardship cases if notice is given to the Call's Farm HOA treasurer prior to the due date of February 15th.