How much are the Home Owners Association dues and when are they due?

Currently, the dues are $400 a year and are due on February 15th of each year.

What are these dues used for?

Most of the money is spent on maintaining the common areas (mowing, fertilization, re-plantings, etc.) owned by the Association. Other expenses are pond maintenance, insurance, taxes, and utilities. For additional information please refer to the HOA Annual Budget.

Where can I find an approved mailbox?

Here are a few online examples of an approved mailbox: Example A  Example B  Example C

(White with approximate dimensions:20 x 8.5 x 10.5 inches; any brand).

These are also typically stocked at the local Home Depot and Lowes stores.  

Additional Mailbox information:

The post is 6"x6".

Please use your current mailbox as your template for a rebuild.

The USPS website provides additional guidelines (how far off the ground and how far back, etc.)

Where can I find information on the standard gas lamppost?

The lamppost is manufactured by Legendary Lighting and the model is the Vulcan I (on AS1P bracket). The lamp may be found on different websites at various prices. 

Can I construct a fence on my property?

Fences, excluding invisible fences, may be constructed only with the written permission of the Design Review Committee. Maximum height allowed will be four feet, and only allowed in the rear and side yards, behind the front elevation of the home. Fences must be constructed within the property line boundaries. No chain link fences will be approved. Alterations in grading or drainage, as a result of the fence, are not acceptable.

Can I install an invisible fence for my pets?

Invisible fences may be installed without approval. Please note that dogs must be on a leash held by a responsible party when outside of the home.

Can I construct a shed or a play set on my property?

Sheds and other similar structures (tents, shacks, barns, etc.) are not permitted. Open area play sets are permitted.

What is the process for deck approval?

All decks and exterior structures require approval from the Design Review Committee. Decks must be constructed of wolmanized wood or other professional product. A clear preservative finish is recommended for decks constructed of wood. The style of the deck will be dependent upon the style of your home and the surrounding land terrain. The supporting structures of the deck must be anchored in concrete. All utility meters must be accessible. You also need to check with the City of Stow for any additional requirements at (330) 689-2729.

Can I have a pool in my yard?

Above ground pools are prohibited. In ground pools must be in rear yards, and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Can recreational vehicles be stored in the community? (This includes trailers, boats, campers, etc.)

Recreational vehicles of any type are not to be stored in the community unless they can be stored fully within your garage. If these vehicles cannot be stored in your garage, they must be stored off-site. If you are bringing your recreational vehicle or trailer home for loading/unloading or cleaning, there will be a 48 hour limit enforced.

How can I submit ideas and/or suggestions to the Board?

Ideas and suggestions can be submitted to the Board in writing via the address listed below or via email on the Contact page of this web site. All mail received will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for review. Please mail correspondence to:

    Call's Farm HOA c/o Balanced Books by CPA’s

    3867 W. Market St.

    Suite 278

    Akron, OH 44333

Is fishing permitted in Call's pond?

Yes, fishing is permitted by residents and their guests only and is catch and release. Please be courteous to all the homeowners backing up to the pond by remaining quiet and cleaning up after you are done fishing. No boats are allowed in the pond.

Are there any landscaping requirements?

All homeowners are required to maintain their yard, including grass and all landscaping, in a neat and attractive manner. All lawns must be mowed on a regular basis and weeds need to be controlled.

Moving In / Out?

Click here to go to the Moving Page.

How do I report a street light outage?

Report a Street Light Outage (link to FirstEnergy)

City of Stow "fill-able PDF" Moral Claim Form (file claim for property damage with the City of Stow)

You may submit a claim to the City of Stow using this online form.

City of Stow - WHO TO CONTACT

The City of Stow has provided this extensive list of contact numbers for who to contact for various issues/requests.