Neighborhood Groups & Activities

The Girlfriends of Call's Farm

The Girlfriends of Call's Farm is a group that was formed in an effort to build community within our neighborhood. The group is open to all women that live in Call's Farm and you can get involved as much or as little as you wish. The women in the group plan a variety of events for the women, couples, children and families of Call's Farm.

The Moms' Group of Call's Farm

The Moms' Group of Call's Farm is a group that was started in 2006 and is for mothers who are stay-at-home moms or part-timers who have pre-school or kindergarten aged kids. The group plans activities during the week so that the moms can get together and socialize and the kids can play together. Some of the activities that have been planned are field trips, home play dates, restaurant play dates, parks, etc. If anyone is interested in joining the Moms' group, please contact Rina Saueressig at

Call's Farm Book Club

The Book Club meets approximately every five weeks to discuss a book chosen by the host of the meeting. We are a group that enjoys good company, good food, and casual conversation about various books. We are always looking for new participants! If you are interested, please email LeAnn Covey at

Call's Farm Neighbors (Facebook page)

Welcome to the unofficial Facebook page for neighbors of Calls Farm in Stow!! This is intended to be a source of communication between neighbors. A great place to ask for referrals, opinions, advice, address safety concerns or suspicious behaviors, etc... This is not a place to vent about a particular neighbor or homeowner's issues. Homeowner issues should still be addressed with our homeowners association. HOA website is This is a great neighborhood and our open communication is one of the things that makes this neighborhood a fun and safe place to be!!